Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Feeling nak jadi princess

Hi Siti, this post is for you.

To save cost, the tuns actually engaged his friends to be the photographer. I have asked a few bridal boutique on rental of gown. The price was sky high, and thats exlude the groom punya baju and accesories.

I got mine online. On ebay actually. Datin was very skeptical at first she mentioned 'Boleh percaya ker jah? Nanti dia tipu duit kau' Tawakal ajer lah. But the dress turn out quit ok, it does not look exactly like the picture tapi sikit lebih kurang halal. Takkan lah nak sama 100%, badan model  kat gambar tu selim melim, badan i mcm orang beranak sepuloh. I was not expecting much. I tak suka dress yg mengembang. In the picture the dress tak lah kembang sangat but bila i dapat jorang buat dress tu kembang and with a large and long train, meleret leret. Datin say, 'Lawa jah, mcm lady diana' Lady diana ker hapa. I got mine for less than S$200 inclusive of shipping.

I actually have a standby dress yg I hantar upah kat johor, Larkin, my tailor charge me only RM90. just in case the gown turns like baju cik pon.

Ok more details on the dress. I bought mine from this seller, tiger 20088. Ader berlambak gown seller tapi kenapa I choose dia, sebab price dia ok ok and he is a power seller from Ebay. Maknanya reliable. You  can check on buyers' feedback on his items here. At first I was ragu ragu on the quality and workmanship of the items, so I emailed a few buyers, not a few lah, alot actually, buyer yang pernah beli wedding gown with the seller. Click on the name of the buyer then click contact. Mostly will reply, ader say fabulous, ader say love it, ader say ok ok. I even asked them to attached pictures of the gown they bought. Normally the buyers are helpful, ader even give advice.
Other good deal is from Elas Dress. They are based in Singapore but they send their items to China, samer lah jugak kalau kita beli kat ebay. Byk jugak mak andam beli from this site. Price wise very reasonable. Seriously.Kalau pattern yg jorang ader u tak berkenan, they can customise, email them a picture of the gown and they will quote you. Ella, owner of the blog cepat reply email and very very friendly. I love their evening gown more than their wedding gown. Their wedding gowns are so elaborate and much cheaper. Price quoted are in Singapore Dollars. Accesories pulak beli ajer kat Forever 21, hair accessories, rantai, gelang, ear rings. Kalau nak yg over, nak bling bling beli ajer at Mustafa Centre. One whole set of necklace, bracelet and earing cost only 18 bucks.
For the guy punya pulak, I bought the tuns suit at Dan Stevenson factory outlet, at Telok ayer street, sederet ngan telok ayer food centre. Naik Mrt turun kat Tanjong pagar. His suit is $220, inclusive of suit, pants and vest. Shirt pakai apa yang ader.

Leo, also bought his from the same outlet. Si dekni feeling Justin Timberlake jadi dia choose colour silver, see post on Mar and Leo's Wedding.

After the wedding, you can sell the dress away. at ebay ker or at any wedding forum. Tapi jgn pulak use the kain untuk kain lap lap mcm si tuns ni pernah suggest. Sayang, memory geng.

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