Saturday, November 27, 2010

This is not a gig.. this is Helmy's wedding..

Went over to tuns member's wedding. We went to kursus home and ladder together.
The deco was gorgeous. It was very duh of me not to bring along the camera. I was in a rush, pakai eye liner senget benget, tu sebab jgn rush rush, nanti semua tak betol, semua terlupa, semua tak kena.

The deco was by Senik Wedding. They did the deco and catering, the tentage, Basically all in one lah. Interested can call kak Era, 98718464...
I tease the groom, that his tanjak is bigger than his head. And he replied me with his middle finger.
Reason for that extrra high tanjank is because Ryn is a tall lady, and the heels she was wearing on that day added another 3 inch. 
So korang korang, kalau boy boy korang lack of height, tak yah lah pakai tinggi tinggi. Datin dah warning jgn pakai kasut tinggi sangat nanti nampak mcm giant and the tuns nampak mcm dwarf... hahaha... tak lah... after the extra 4 inch, he stilll over tower me by 2 inch, tapi kalau I pakai sanggul cucuk cucuk, then dia kalah.

And as usual, kalau si Tuns punya member kawin kalau members jorang tak play feeling feeling mcm ader kat gig tak sah.
Dan mcm biasa si 'feeling feeling awie' ni will thicken his skin, sing and make a fool of himself  despite me pulling him and asking  him to get his ass back on his seat. But at the end of the song, I plucked a flower from the table centre piece and walks towards him, mcm 'feeling feeling groupie' and pass him the flower while the other guest cheered.

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