Saturday, December 29, 2012

2013 please be kind.

For the new year I have moved to here:-
See you there in a bit.
Happy Holiday

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's Coming

2012 is ending in 5 days.
Well, i wouldn't call it a terrible year but it was a year that tested my every nerves to the extreme
In 2012, I knew that I have supper power and patience that I never knew existed.
I can juggle a screaming baby in one hand with a diaper bag and maneuver the stroller with the other.
I can last the whole day with just 3 hours of sleep.
No the dark eye circle is not from the smudge of my mascara.
I wonder why I have yet to lose all the weight despite all the running around
and got the answer when I look into my fridge.
I am a champion in ironing with a kid on my hip.
And I am proud to say that now I can distinguish between, sawi, kailan, cai xin, dan sewaktu dengannya.
Just like every other year. I made my new year resolution.
And just like every other years, It was never met.
So 2013, I am not gonna have any new resolution, I am just going to recycle mine from last year.
And up till now I still can bear to change the whole template of this blog.
This mummy is gonna create a new blog
2013, i pray you'll be kinder.. (:
Friday, December 21, 2012

Busy bee for the Christmas weekend

I rarely love Friday because I work EVERY Saturday. So whenever Friday came, it will just be like another Thursday for me.

But today, I am totally in love with Friday. Its gonna be a very long weekend....

We had planned for a trip to Jakarta and Bandung over the weekend but due to unforeseen circumstances and the Nenek nagging at us to not bring Nyla along. We cancel the trip. We burnt our air asia ticket. Lucky we got the ticket during the promotion period. Heart Pain

And so during lunch time, I briefly scribble  'Things to do'. It gets longer that I have expected.
  1. Drill Nyla's book shelves.
  2. Make over Nyla's room.
  3. Organise all her toys and put away the 'baby' toys to give away. She's now into main masak masak.
  4. Colour code my clothes in the Master wardrobe.
  5. Throw away shoes yang cannot make it already, so the shoe shelves outside our house look a little senonoh.
  6. Vacuum pack and put away all my maternity clothes. (Yes my maternity clothes are still in the Master wardrobe). Too sayang to give away, who knows Ny TERdapat adik ker.
  7. Put away all baju that no longer fits and put it on ebay.
  8. Clean Ny's wardrobe and clear all her clothes and shoes that no longer fits.
  9. Buy table and chair for Ny's room.
  10. Wall mount the flat TV in the Master bedroom. We've move into lulu for more than a year and the TV is still in the store waiting to be hang.
I have actually 18 bullet point on the receipt which I have scribble these on. Tapi kita type 10 ajer lah, and I have so many jemputan on Saturday and Sunday... I love nasi orang kawin....

Ok lah, nak log off. Have a good weekend.
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December, Mini Zoo and LuLu

I love December... there is always something special about December, beside the bonus, the Christmas Sale is always a hit in my agenda for the month of December.
The husband birthday also falls on December and extra TLC will always be given and discounts at places during birthday months.
And Ny loves the Christmas lights down Orchard Road... aiya any colourful lights also she likes lah... lampu lap lip kat umah pun she can stare and smile... So the mummy and the daddy monkey have been visiting Orchard road quite often for the little Miss sake.

We had a mini party for the kids (actually its for the mak budak to meet and lepaskan rindu) last Saturday. We had a theme party. Ny decides to be a Flamingo, a flamingo which shrieks alot and wishes to fly. There are also little kai kai (but no jia jia), ada elephant, ada angry owl, ada Chimpanzees, ada tiger, ada lion, ada cat, ada giraffe... Macam Zoo.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Shrieker

Can a 13 months old girl shout?
I tell you Ny has been shrieking every time she gets the chance to shriek.
She will shriek if you try to chase her, jenis jerit jerit mentel.
Turning into a diva brat this one.

The nenek ngan selambanya kata 'Jah cepat buat lagi satu, ada kan adik, jadi tak manja sangat'
Wah so easy ah....


Wednesday, December 05, 2012

ABC, 1 to 20 and 20 to 1

I love family gathering.... love love... but what I dun love is when they start comparing their kids... Come on.... she only turns 1..

The other daddy talk to the daddy....'My babe can recite ABC, 1 to 20, 20 to 1, in english, in malay... you should let them watch more videos, this video is really good'

The daddy ask 'What video ah, share ah...'

The other daddy 'That one cannot tell lah... u just search at you tube'

Huh...??!!?? Nasib I'm married to this really cool guy yang jenis relek, senyum and jenis LAYANKAN ajer...
Tuesday, December 04, 2012

And She Walks

Mr rockstar start running walking at 13 months!!!
She hold on to my little pinky, and with her crocs intructed to walk outside at 10.30pm!!!
And She Walks by What Fei Love
 Only yesterday, she no longer needs my little pinky and walks on her own.
The cheers she received, member terkejut sendiri. She practically fell on her butt (nasib ader pampers untuk cushion) sebab her nenek, her bibik, her aunties and her mummy was practically shouting with JOY. Terus member nangis, merajok tak nak jalan... tapi skejab ajer... lepas tu shes backs on her 2 feets.
Baru lah pandai tateh, riuh sekampung macam, anak pass university with first class honours!!!
Over over!!!
Msg the daddy (the daddy having reservist) , and whatsapp him the vidoe of his baby walking... Aiyo the father more over than than the mother, sampai nak book out early nak tgk anak jalan....
another milestone acchieved. Alhamdullilah!!!!


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