Tuesday, December 04, 2012

And She Walks

Mr rockstar start running walking at 13 months!!!
She hold on to my little pinky, and with her crocs intructed to walk outside at 10.30pm!!!
And She Walks by What Fei Love
 Only yesterday, she no longer needs my little pinky and walks on her own.
The cheers she received, member terkejut sendiri. She practically fell on her butt (nasib ader pampers untuk cushion) sebab her nenek, her bibik, her aunties and her mummy was practically shouting with JOY. Terus member nangis, merajok tak nak jalan... tapi skejab ajer... lepas tu shes backs on her 2 feets.
Baru lah pandai tateh, riuh sekampung macam, anak pass university with first class honours!!!
Over over!!!
Msg the daddy (the daddy having reservist) , and whatsapp him the vidoe of his baby walking... Aiyo the father more over than than the mother, sampai nak book out early nak tgk anak jalan....
another milestone acchieved. Alhamdullilah!!!!

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