Wednesday, December 26, 2012

New Year's Coming

2012 is ending in 5 days.
Well, i wouldn't call it a terrible year but it was a year that tested my every nerves to the extreme
In 2012, I knew that I have supper power and patience that I never knew existed.
I can juggle a screaming baby in one hand with a diaper bag and maneuver the stroller with the other.
I can last the whole day with just 3 hours of sleep.
No the dark eye circle is not from the smudge of my mascara.
I wonder why I have yet to lose all the weight despite all the running around
and got the answer when I look into my fridge.
I am a champion in ironing with a kid on my hip.
And I am proud to say that now I can distinguish between, sawi, kailan, cai xin, dan sewaktu dengannya.
Just like every other year. I made my new year resolution.
And just like every other years, It was never met.
So 2013, I am not gonna have any new resolution, I am just going to recycle mine from last year.
And up till now I still can bear to change the whole template of this blog.
This mummy is gonna create a new blog
2013, i pray you'll be kinder.. (:

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