Friday, November 26, 2010

Asyik Si Misai Ajer

Hahaha... I cant help it updating on si misai. I've blog it twice, in here and here

So korang, kalau u all nak mentel mentel (opY, word 'mentel' ni i dedicate untuk u), nak posing posing, nak have fun, go do this, suruh makcik pot pet posing ngan ni, kalau tak kena lempang dah cukup bagus.

Its pretty easy actually.... I've saved u guys the hassel, you can get the templates from Martha, Lisa Welge and someone posted this at 4share. Credit goes to that kind soul.

So instructions as follows -
1. Cut your ’stache
You can use the templates or kalau terror just draw freehand or felt beli kat spotlight or art fren for 80cent per piece (1 piece felt can get 6 mustache) or on card board colour black.

2. Stick it

Seletkan satay stick, wait dont use satay stick, too kurus, use chopstick. Glue it or cover with black tape and voila you are good to go! You can even tie on a ribbon to coordinate with your wedding colors.

3. Take funny photos!

Have fun!

Oh this is cute

Macam geli pulak tengok misai betol ni. Tebal sangat agaknya.

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