Wednesday, December 01, 2010

My skater man

In exactly one month and at around this time my identity will be dictated.

I have warned the tuns not to meet for the last 1 month. So bila dia nampak I time I tgh duduk time nak nikah tu, hati dia akan berbunga kasih, berbaur sayang... wah liow, mcm nak muntah I bila baca balik.

I can dare say, the last 1 mth lah kita banyak nak kena meet, for photoshoot, nak confirm pictures, nak confirm with Chinta, nak kena confirm deco, nak kena confirm itu, confirm ini.

To reliese the anxiety, I swamped my self with work, I attended back to back AGM, and endless site inspection. On the other hand the tuns have been releasing his steam by reminiscing his youth. He's been out skateboarding with Mr Video Man on his off days.

Love, please do take care of those ol knees, remember you are not 17 anymore. I want you to walk with me down the isle without any limping. Jgn nak complain, lutut sakit, bontot blue black, punggung lebam, badan lemah, tangan lenguh.... No way eh.

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