Thursday, December 09, 2010

The Rock Star

The girls and my self had a blast during the pre wedding photoshoot on 03 December 2010 and so does the tuns's geng, they were as excited as us to start the shoot. One after another of his members join us to be photographers, mcm mana punya feeling lah. Kita tak suruh ,jorang yang nak. Rezeki jgn ditolak.

 At first I was pretty malu malu, but after dat, bukan main lagi, si tuns mandang whiper, 'Bukan main lagi eh you eh, mentel eh' Malu taruk tepi, bukan slalu make up make up pakai baju kembang kembang.

Despite the bad weather and the kena chase by police, the tak boleh park only for residents the sembunyi sembunyi amik gambar, feeling feeling kat hollywood, feeling feeling paparazzi, the hilang barang, the lupa barang, the macam nak terbalik bilik and rumah and as continued by payung in her album in facebook-

The morning rush hour, rants, drama, nasi goreng, kek choco batik, the complaining residents, the police patrol, the arrogant resident, the scorching sun, the smelly stable, the sesat Groom-to-be, the ZZZzzz monster, the heavy downpour, the salah jalan to PBM, the constant drizzle, the toilet tengah 'Cleaning In Progress', the onlookers, the crowds, the gawkers, the 'curi-curi' ambik gambar with flash and the pinggang sakit was well... worth it.

Another round perhaps??? Muahahaha  

kita tunggu Mai punya turn pulak.

Gambar kat bawah tu di ambik oleh kita kita yg tak pro tapi kalau dah amik ngan SLR semua cantik.

and now I'm excited to see the finishing products.

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