Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Not in a million years

"Not in a million years, aku ngan dia. Tak ingin"
Mulut, kan dah terbalik jadinya... Tu lah ajal, maut, jodoh, pertemuan semua di tanggan tuhan. My closest fren had finally tied the knot last friday.  No tears, I promise her no tears. It was a wonderful blissful and happy union. Except for one incident time pengantin tengah make up for nikah sekali tripped. Tak nyaya tu. I was in the shower at that time. Pakkal rumah org, kalau umah sendiri, aku dah berkemban keluar toilet. Biasalah eh, nak buat kerja kawin, aircon bilik pengantin buka, ngan spot light, ngan air con bilik sebelah, ngan lampu merata rata bukak, ngan kipas yg berlambak lambak kat luar, ngan sound system, mcm mana tak overload. So u all sana, berjaga jaga, nanti mak andam kena make up kan u all dalam gelap.

It was a hectic week for me, with the deco and the dulangs and the hand bouquets and the frequent trips to the cold room. And we went crazy with the flowers, nampak mandang nak grab ajer.
I'm gonna miss our wedding chat during office hours. Comparing prices, checking out quotes, informing and updating each others on service provider, baju apa nak pakai, colour apa cantik. We are always 'Mar kau tgk ni, ok tak' or she will link, 'Kau tgk link ni, aku rasa aku nak ni.' She ensure there will still be coffee sessions and will never use the line 'Nanti kau dah ader laki baru kau tau' Dats my girl!

Most gorgeous wedding I've ever attended and getting involve in it was truly an honored. Well I'm a little biased. Other than that, everything was quite near perfect, other than the frequent power trips. NO karaokes, just soothing traditional music. Saya suka.
Reception table
Pengantin lelaki yang mengeletis
Hadang 1
Hadang 2 and 3
Hadang 3-Final Hadang
2 things that he needs to answer 'Kasi aku mar punya I/C no? and her blood type'
Jawab si pengantin lelaki 'Eh apa korang merepek ni, aku tak tau lah siol, next question'
aaahhh start ah... entah apa nomber dia bedal...
Pengantin perempuan dah mengeletis
Lovely mar - Cake cutting ceremony
Baju cantik. Hand bouquet kita buat.
Part of bloco, adik pengantin perempuan punya members
Happening habis
Both of us merebut nak dis theme, tapi since dia kawin dulu dia dapat
Happening best man
Gorgeous deco from the leo's side
Baju cantik

Botak and Leo's brilliant works

Too much surfing of mat salih's website, leo became a groomzilla and create this. Brilliant!.
and yes their infamous line was a tag line through out the 2 and half day event.
Not in a million years!...... KONON!!!!!

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