Saturday, October 16, 2010

Nak carik Bunga

Some bridal house do not provide hand bouquet for the bride... apa ajer eh, dah bayar beribu ribu tak provide pulak. So u all sebelum sign up tanya dulu eh ader provide bunga ker tak?

Like Mar's the bridal house that she engaged *hint: I suka nah this bridal house sebab all the baju very cantik, tak provide hand bouquet. Dah members save gambar sana sini and forward to me kalau I can do it as close as possible to the sample she provide. siap ngan date ngan sample 1 and sample 2.

Mana punya champion lah dia ingat member dia ni.
 Am heading to far east flora later today, since her nikah will be on Friday nite and she will not be allowed to be out on Thursday and Friday, I'll need to recce some flowers for her approval first.

So have a good weekend guys... xoxo

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