Wednesday, March 09, 2011

My Sugar

Mak datok, its been ages.

Last week was Love ur frens week. Monday was appreciation dinner with the bride's maids. Susah payah members gotong royong on the week of the big day, spent time to buy baju sepasang, spent money to tailor baju. They stayed the whole day on Friday and Saturday and Sunday. They are truly my sugar rush.

Wednesday was my blast from the past team. I love these girls to death. We're so close and these girls are my backbone back then. The husband was in the same class as Nezah and Mar so in order to tackle me Mr S tried to be nice to these girls to get closer to me, and the rest is history.

And Saturday I was supposed to meet  fai, tapi due to auditing period, kita kena cancel, nanti kita plan ah you. I love you babe, I really do.

So in short, it doest mean that your social life is totally dead once ur married. Your circle of frens are crucial for your well beign. Cume kena pandai atur time management ajer.

Jangan lah dah kawin nak berkepit ajer, berkepit tu mesti lah but do allow some allowance here and there, baru ader sugar and spice. ;p

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