Wednesday, March 02, 2011


Its been a tiring 3 months. I just got my full album from boy for the event and sanding yesterday.
It was such an emotional ride looking through the album, gambar I tgh siap, gambar datin nagis time I salam dia, gambar husband nangis time he salam my dad. Priceless.

Save duit mcm nak rak, recce sana, recce sini, surf sana, surf sini, dalam sekelep mata semuanya berakhir. And looking back there is nothing that I want to add or alter to make it more perfect.

On another note I was browsing and surfing around when I saw this pre wedding shoot. I just love pre-wedding shoots. Mcm cantik sangat, mcm happy sangat. Suka sangat!!!

By Keira Roxanne (Love her works)

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Wardah said...

Hahah! I'm so excited to see my pics here :P

F.ism said...

ooohhhh, sorry curik gambar!!! suka sangat. Cantik awak!!!

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