Thursday, March 10, 2011

Bukan kau sorang lah Jah

I had a hard time adjusting for the first 2 months of my marriage life and so It really soothe me and make me feel better when my mar said,

'Bukan kau sorang lah jah, aku time baru baru, time nak cuci baju, air mata meleleh, nak angkat baju air mata meleleh, time gosok baju pun air mata meleleh, time tukar cadar pun macam nak menangis, bila leo nak keluar sebab nak fetch mak dia balik dari kerja, itu pun aku nangis, aku rindu mak aku pulak, kesian tak ada orang amik dia'

Member have to adjust living with mak mentua in the west while all her life she been living it loud in the east. Pandai pandai lah adjust yer.

It cracks me up when she told me her mother-in-law wrote this on her own facebook wall,
'My daughter in law is going to work and she's looking pretty today'
Hahaha, nasib dapat mak mentua yg happening, kalau dapat mak mentua mcm 'Ibu Mertuaku' habis stock airmata.

So in short, pengantins to be, prepare yourself emotionally and physically on the changes that you will need to adapt. Walau apa pun kita yang muda kena mengalah and cuba amik hati orang orang yg lebih senior.

I felt blessed for having such a  wonderful mother in law. Hopefully it stays that way. Insyallah.

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