Tuesday, February 01, 2011

From guests with love

I cant help laughing looking thru my guest book. Kekek, I tgk makcik makcik pot pet berposing. Hilarious.

But touching bila I baca my guestbook, notes written by makcik pot pet and pakcik rock steady. Touching habis.

To those interested with the props, I have a written an entry on the templates of the misai in here. The crazy and kooky glasses we bought them from far east plaza, 3 for $10. Cant remember which floor either 2nd or 3rd floor. Aiya far east bersepah lah kedai cerman mata ting tong like dat.

Polaroids cartridge, the sis bought from an online seller.
Initial plan was to use canon selphy but the videoman tak setuju. He said the printing was damn slow. He use it for his wedding. But its so much cheaper than poloroid. The canon selphy cost $178. Cartridge for 36 4R pictures on $20 plus. Kan worth it tu. But since video man say lembab and he is willing to loan his other poloroid to us, we sell away the selphy to buy more ploroids.
I was browsing sofia's (the girl with gorgeous gorgeous wedding) website when I stumbled on her photobooth pictures. Punya lah meletop!!!!!!!!!!! Budget besar geng. But awesomee!!!
See the rest of her rocking photo booth pictures here.
I love watching frens and makciks turning into Lady GAGA!!!!
Very the rock star!!!

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