Sunday, February 06, 2011


Oh, I was so thankful that it was bright and sunny on the 02 January 2011. Sujud syukur my dad and datin. Sampai niat puasa lagi babe for the next 3 days, sebab majlis turn out well. Alhamdullialh. Bukan mcm anak dia ni.

The datin was so worried about the weather, the food, the decor, the turn out, takut the tentage collapse, takut current tak ader, takut nasi tak cukup.... sigh, now you know from who I in herit the overactive imaginery mind. Pening I. I was so stress whenever I talk to datin. Seriously, baik baik, I tak pikir, once she opened her mouth terus, pang... betol jugak kata mak aku ni.

Any way, alhamdullialh once again, it turns out well. And the Food. Oh the food deserve to have its own post. I can never thank Farah Diana enough.

Nuff said. Layan photos.

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