Monday, January 31, 2011

Kita dah Halal

Ok sorry for the long hiatus, maklum ajer dah ader suami. Si suami ni kuat minum kopi. Mandang I nak blog jer dia bersuara, 'Yang mcm nak kopi' mandang ON laptop jer, 'Yang, hujan hujan ni kalau ader milo sedap.'
Nanti dah buat kan milo, or kopi nak continue blog dah lain pulak, terduduk dapur lah, terwatch tv lah. ader ajer.

So tonight he is on his night shift, so FREEDOM.

Nikah skali 2 post eh, you see lah, I think I was interrupted lah for the past 2 posts. The nikah was held at my home. Kadi by Ustaz Jezair Jumahat, cool ajer ustaz dia. My dad gave me away. We were officially legalised with 1 kali lafaz and 3 kali practise by the husband. (Kata si kadi, 3 kali lafaz tadi tu practice jer).

We snap snap pictures with family and relatives. After that was the berinai.

After berinai the whole cousin, both the dad and datin's side lari sejab gi amik gambar kat punggol, since it is near my house, I jerit and call all the cousins to assemble. I did not inform the bridal house, just bilang the mak andam I nak lari sejab take picture, but promise that I will take really good care of the baju. Lily did not join us for the photo shoot, kalau nak dia ikut, nak kena extend hours babe, more $$$$ keluar.

I suggest to all bride to be kalau ader time to spare after nikah lari sejab amik gambar with the family. We had fun posing and laughing away. It definitely bring the cousins closer. Seriously, but very vey kecoh.

Ok lets the picture do the talking.....

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