Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Let me take you down, 'cause I'm going to Strawberry Fields.

Oh this post is so long overdue. 
It was a brilliant day for a picnic. The weather was very co-operative, the food was great the company was even better.

The girls book me one and a half month in advance for this picnic. My November schedule was pretty tight with 2 AGM on my shoulder. December nanti datin dah sibuk nak tabur tabur card, confirm nak cabut pun susah.

On that Sat, Dinah and Shah fetch me and I was shocked to see the kemontot wearing this,
Then si payung in the same baju... wah ini conspiracy. I told them a dozen time, jangan susah susah. I only want a simple dinner. 

They plan for a picnic at the strawberry field, picture taking, talk cock, eat and lots of laughter.
 Oh YES we manage to do the 'superman' pose. We likey.

Great food, great company. What more can one ask for! Thank you for the brilliant day.for the planning.for the picnic.for the bridezilla top.for the great friendship.for the frequent laugh.for the frequent emails.for the shoulder to cry on.for the constant attention.for being supportive.for being my friend.

You girls rock my world!!!! 

Lots of Hugs, Kisses, grabs, bites, fondle, pinches, punches. Let's sweat it out and get belengas again on 

3 Dec. 


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