Friday, November 19, 2010

Our love story

The tuns is keen for a video something like this... to tell the whole world how we met, be frens, start flirting, den jadi mataair den gaduh den mataair lagi... The video will be watch by makcik makcik pot pets, nanti ader jer comments, buat video mcm biasa tak boleh ker...

Oh now my hobby is watching videos of wedding, entah eh, maybe its almost that time of the month. Sentimentel habis tgk video video ni....

Terima Kasih anak melayu kerana menyatukan mereka.... hehe.

Dari mata turun ker hati.... besar budget kakak ngan abg kiter ni.

sweet jer the girl eh.

ala sweetnya.....

My favorite local wedding video so far... when I watch the video, I cant stop smiling. Everyone look so happy. The video man manage to capture lots of candid happy faces of the guest present. They look genuinely happy. Lagu jer gua tak ngam sangat.

Charmingnya si Mat Astronaut ni.... Tak dapat mat astronaut, mat kapal terbang pun jadi lah. and their wedding montage is so cool, I was so impress, very different from the others.

Oh mcm gitu bunyi suara mat astronaut, suara tak macho sangat, body jer macho... hehehe... dah jgn melebih. I like the video effect, mcm old skool. I was not aware that you can make this effect with video.

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