Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Big Interview

Sunday was packed. Holiday pun mcm tak holiday, went to JB to collect my baju baju... den gi pay the remaining balance for my cards, bought bungga manggar. I actually want to make my own, I saw these bunga manggar cantik nah.... not the traditional kind, but very very chic, very glitterati. When I mentioned this to the sis, she grab 8 packets of the bunga manggar, grab my wallet and proceed to the counter. Jangan nak susahkan diri.

Yesterday was my appointment with kadi besar. I was super super nervous. I heard many stories from either the bride or the groom about their experiences.

Elvan was asked to recite a surah.
Another was asked to recite doa Qunut.
Another fren was lecture about the responsibilities of being a husband.
Datin's fren daughter was asked about rukun iman and rukun islam.
Mar was asked if she is prepared to be a wife and what are her preparation to be a better wife.
Nezah was asked if she prays and attended religious class.

For first half of the day I was chatting with my ding dong cousin, fai and mar. They keep ensuring me that everything will be fine.

Truthfully I tak tau apa yang I takut sangat, apa yang I nervous sangat, baca suruh ada merangkak sikit lah, doa qunut boleh tahan rukun iman and islam datin dah test the night before.

The tuns was asked to go in the room first. He was in there for awhile, entah apa yang di-test oleh si kadi tu.

I was asked to enter the room together with my daddy. Alhamdullilah, my dad have a calming effect over me, with him around I can always feel at ease, at peace. He can loosen all the nerve.

Mar was saying, 'Eh dulu aku masuk sorang seh'

Entah lah agaknya dia tengok aku menggigil kat situ.

The kadi actually said my name in full and asked if this is my choice and without any enforcement on either party or side. I just shoke my head and the dad quickly say,

Dah lama budak budak ni mata air, dari kecik, dah masanya utk bernikah'
'Ini majlis yang pertama utuk Cik Ismail' kata si Kadi.
'Iye anaksaya nomber satu, yang sulung, yang pertama, first time nak buat majlis ni, kecoh sikit, mak dia lagi ghairah'
'Wah begitu gembira sekali Cik Ismail nak dapat menantu yeh'
'Iye saya, anak saya semua pompuan, ni nak ader hero nanti dalam keluarga'

I was so so so glad dad was around. Kadi have no time to ask any further question and I was asked to angkat sumpah. With that he congratulate and said insyallah majlis akan berjalan dengan lancar.

And dat was it.

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