Friday, November 05, 2010

Long engagement

Its a long weekend this week. Mine start yesterday actually. Instead of reviewing all the reports on my desk. I was emailing the usual suspects, and planning for tomorrow's picnic and our 'red carpet' dinner. At exactly 5.30pm, I angkut all the stuffs on my desk including the laptop home. Kirakan nak buat kat rumah lah. Konon lah. Tgk lah nanti buat ker tak.

I met a few contractors for tentage extension last night due to the restricted location. Now HDB void deck block so ketotet let, and its all berpecah pecah, too much segregation. The whole of this week, Joanna have been helping me to get quotes from the company's AVL list. She has been a sweetheart, truthfully shes more excited abt the wedding, 'Fei, I've never been to a malay wedding, invite me ah, invite me ah' Of course, I'll invite this woman. 

Last night, I sharpen my negotiation skill to kill the best deal.

Tonight, is jahit the wedding curtain night. Tomorrow picnic with the girls den back to curtain sewing. How fun >_<
Enjoy the long weekend peeps. Be safe.

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