Tuesday, October 12, 2010


A total of 830 wedding were registered on 10 October 2010. I wonder how many couples will get married on 01 January 2011. Tunggu ajer lah news keluar...

I dunno to me date do not have any significant meaning... duit hantaran ader... hahahah... The tuns was so keen to have the date as his wedding date, "So everytime anniversary kiter, ader bunga api, kita pun cuti, tak payah amik cuti' Aiyah, hes working shift mah, so not necessary he will be getting an off days. Ini date kalau dia lupa pun I tak tau nak cakap apa. Perang besar agaknya.

Yea, the date is cool, 01 01 2011. Tapi there are so much hassle, nak book mak andam susah, nak book catering susah, nak book kadi pun kena merebut... I tak suka merebut merebut... I nak slow and steady. My parents got married on 31 December, so they were thrilled to hear their first born had choosen to be married on the 01 January. I think they hope that my sis, will get married on 02 January agaknya.

2 of my cousins got married on their actual birthday, kirakan birthday present dapat husbandlah.... alah sweetnya...

But to me date yg afdal ialah date after the 27 of any month. So anniversary jer, pocket tak lah kosong sangat.

So be wise in choosing your auspicious date.

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