Tuesday, October 12, 2010

With this ring, I'm his

I had always love big bulky accessories, so bila I choose a ring yang mcm batu besar ader duduk, the kind u can get it from forever 21, the tuns gave me a sekel at the ribs.

Soo Kee called the other day and said that the ring was ready for collection. We were delirious. The ring turns out better than I had expected.

We were advised by frens to survey for the perfect rings way back in our early engagement days, they even encouraged us to go in to shops and request for the product codes for any rings that made us go 'aaawwwww'

During the GSS season, we set a budget and went for our ring hunting. At first we were abit paisei to enter any jewellery shops, mcm dah besar besar gitu rasa masuk kedai emas.

Mandang, 'U masuk dulu lah' 'Ulah masuk dulu' or 'Which one? Tanya lah brapa?' 'U lah tanya, U kan boss' 'U lah tanya, kan ring U' Wah liow wei.

It was easy breezy time nak beli engagement ring,  I had set my mind on a particular design. I want it simple, no solitaire, no kerawang kerawang, no twist and turn, just a band with diomond paves, I had the lee hwa card and we use the 100 bucks voucher that was issued during my birthday month. I love the ring and the tuns love the price even more. Tetapi seribu kali sayang, belum sempat ring to menjejah 2 tahun, ia sudah menghigap di jari jemari siapa entah. Dun think at pajak gadai, white gold memang lah tak ada harga.

Ok continue with our ring hunting, ngan slipper and tshirt we enter one jewellery shop after another, malu taruk tepi dulu geng. The tuns was totally ON, member tak pernah beli ring, bukan main excited lagi, dapat minum air teh  free lagi, asal masuk jer air teh habis, asal masuk jer air teh habis. Sungguh tak malu.

On diamond rings we were advised on the GIA and the 4 cs, carat, clarity, cut and colour. I was in my own world when then the sales girl explained on the 4cs, Once she finished explaining, the tuns with his semangat face looked at me and asked, 'Paham yang?' I just nod my head furiously. Truthfully, satu benda haram pun I tak dengar apa si sales girl tu cakap, I was on my day dream mode, trying all the different rings that was laid in front of me.

I had my eyes on Bzero eternity silver wedding band with the pink stone, but the tuns was not keen, and said, 'Mcm kental jer pink stone, org kawin kena pakai diomond' Macam betol jer si dek ni berbual, mana punya diomond lah dia nak belikan I. And since Mar is also getting that ring, I let it go.....

And so he requested to choose the wedding ring. I let him choose the design and the setting. I was happy with his choice.

For his, I have always set my eyes on Bzero series since forever. And I was glad that the tuns love it.

So wedding rings dah settle, duit dalam bank pun dah berkurangan, mengeletis nak kawin pun dah datang, after collecting our rings we parade around orchard road with our new bling bling.

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