Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pesta Kawin Kawin

Oh its been hectics. I'm always chasing for time. I have placed a pause on my wedding preparation.

Now I'm focusing on my best fren's wedding. Shes getting married this month. I still remember during our poly years, kita discuss nak pakai eyeshadow colour apa time wedding, she will tell me that pink lipstick dont go well with her skin tones. Sigh... its been 16 years of frenship, dah nak kawin member ni satu.

The couple love taking pictures.. these are not their pre-wedding pictures eh, some of these are taken even before they got engaged. These two memang suka feeling feeling. But fun right, so to you all I suggest korang amik lah gambar feeling feeling time tgh mata air, time rasa cinta sedang at its peak, jadi kalau dah kawin, bila flaws semua dah timbul, bila rasa menyampah dah surface, bila tengok gambar gambar time sedang hangat bercinta, sejuk sikit hati... Tak payah lah engage pro cameraman, suruh jer members petikkan gambar.
Remember this post i posted back in October 2009. Genap setahun, barulah plannya diexecutekan. 
I am a sucker for events/party/picnic/perjumpaan/ dan sewaktu dengannya. 
I feel that hen party/pre wedding party is just a way to release some steam, to release stress. A day that you just forget everything and just have fun, with all your frens. Nanti dah kawin kan dah susah nak jumpa members. Satu kat Hougang lagi satu dah tercampak kat Jurong. 

The party was verybwell executed.Everyone was soooo sporting to be in costume. Lets the pictures do the talking.
In short. It R.O.C.K.S!!!
We will rock it on 22 October 2010!

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