Friday, July 09, 2010

Another wedding to remember

I have been a fan of their wedding deco since mar stumble upon their blog..... too bad we found them a bit too late after we sign up with the gallery. Fad had said die die she wants them to be her deco for her entah bila wedding.

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Nissy D said...

Hi Fei. Congrats on getting hitched. I recently got engaged; is still on my planning stage. I must say, I was inspired by some of your posts. Kinda got me prepared and all. Hehe. Mind sharing me whose wedding deco for the photo you put up? Cos im planning to have mine at piai plaza too. Many thanks and hope everything goes on smoothly for you! =)

Best Regards

F.ism said...

Hello Nis,

I have send u an email darling. Check ur inbox, nanti kalau I start citer kat sini nanti berjela pulak.

Thanks for reading.


Anonymous said...

Oh yes,do you mind telling me the company too? :)

Guten tag!
Fisz xx

Anonymous said...

Hi. Can tell me which company is this?

Thank you. :)


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