Tuesday, July 06, 2010

6 months

Time is no longer my best friend.

With less than 6 months to go, I had more things in my head. Memang betol kata orang lagi dekat hari pernikahan lagi banyak setan gondol datang menggoda.... sana problem sini problem sana buat hal sini meromel, sana mengamuk, sini merajuk....

I went for the second food tasting with the caterer last weekend, confirmation of the menu will only be done in October. Food was good. Presentation ajer kena adjust adjust sikit.

Yesterday was my appointment with the Jentayu. I brought along all the pictures, the books, the magazines cuttings, the laptop with hundreds of my saved pictures. We have come out with a new colour scheme, very cotton candy. At first I wanted something dark, rich, like maroon, dark purple, brown, gold but since the family will be wearing dark colours takut jorang terblend in dah jadi part of the decor pulak.

Oh yeah another word of advice, if ur intending to do a white wedding dun ask ur family members to be also in white. Ask them to wear something bright so they will stand out. And the pictures will look better too.

I have booked the Multi Purpose Hall, for the event, and the void deck, for masak2, for 2 days. Buat bawah block jer nak bayar dah berat, ader feeling nak buat kat CC lagi... sudah lah, buat apa yang mampu ajer lah eh.

With the confiscation of my cards due to the recent studies on credit card users and the berita minggu article on a teacher who earns 15k per month but could not even afford a packet of rice, the mid year bonus was really a blessing. I managed to clear lots of things without touching the 'KAWIN SAVING'. Things like ribbons lah, guest books, poloroids films,  printing of tagging, book void deck, barang2 dulang sikit (thanks to duit GST, 200 jer tapi jadi lah, lepas beli kasut, and GSS). I try very hard not to shop for my stuffs aside for wedding stuffs. Now I stay away as much as possible from any malls.

Ok, now everything seems to fall into place... another meet up with jentayu next week for site show round.

C, everything will be ok.. like payung say, dun expect too much. Betul betul betul. I will only be there at most 2 hours during the event, and another thing, people will still talk, buat lawa cakap, buat buruk pun cakap... gasak korang lah eh.

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