Friday, July 02, 2010

Snake and ladder

We had our kursus ladder and home last weekend that was held at Masjid Sultan. Previously the tuns had booked a class at Tampiness CC but due to his work and an appointment that I could not elak we had to cancel and book another class. We grab another available slot.

The marriage course was an eye opener.

We were asked to sit separately mcm kat madrasah, lelaki one side, pompuan one side, I was lucky to be sitted facing the tuns. I stole glances at him, like 2,982,736,913 times thru out the 8 hours course…. But he was too engrossed during the course, serious, smirk, smile but he only glance at me once or twice.

There were many spot on questions. There were eye brows twitching, batok or berdeham. Sengaja si bakal suami buat begitu, untuk menyignalkan kepada si bakal isteri.

We did a lot of interactive activities. I love all the games.

We were asked to answers some questions with regards to our liking, his good points, his bad points, my good points, my bad points, our family tree, ways to get into the good books of mak mentuas, our expectation from this marriage, etc.

After all the questions were answered we were asked to exchange our book with our partner. I often smile reading the tuns comments and feedbacks on the items I had list down for him.

The one that cracked me up the most:

Apakah kesukaan atau kegemaran bakal bapa mentua?
Malem and Darling (malem and darling are the names of cat)

Apakah yang boleh membuatkan bakal bapak mentua marah?
Bila dia lapar!!!

I am so embarrassed that I do not know what my future mother in laws likes or dislike. So embarrassing to leave it blank, Budak sebelah I tulis bukan main byk lagi… betol betol lah bakal menatu yg soleha… bukan mcm aku ni.

From the quiz we took, it seems that I am supposed to be more touchy feely with him, senang cakap kurang kasih saying secara sentuhan… nanti kau, aku ramas ramas kau nanti.

I also noticed the tuns starting to doze off during one of the important chapter, 'Assalamualaikum sayang' Topic hot, member boleh nak tangkap lentok pulak, cepat cepat I gave him a call, kasi vibrate sikit. 

At the end of the course, we were asked to write each other a love letter that includes our promises and our hope for our future, and the tuns had written a beautiful letter that made me tear. 

I trust him to lead me, I trust him to be the leader of the family, I trust him to guide me towards the right path, I trust him with my whole heart.

Lu break itu trust geng, lu tengok benda apa wa boleh break…. Lu watch out….  Oppps sorry sayang… 

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Anonymous said...

wad a bijik!! True enough, it was an eye opener for me n hoosban to0!! =]
dinah x

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