Friday, July 09, 2010

Love Nest

There were such a big huha about the launching of the 3 BTO new flats at Sengkang and Punggol. Seems like everyone is trying their luck in applying for a flat.

Since nanti lepas kawin kita akan menjadi orang pelarian between Hougang and Simei and the tuns was so keen to have a crib on its own, to have his own privacy at last, member dari kecik sampai skarang share bilik ngan brother dia, He applied the one at Punggol, water way.

It was really nice, the surrounding, and i like the floor plan, somewhat like my current home. 

Even Dinah, applied for a unit there. We were indeed excited that we might be neighbours, her husboond is not that keen though, itu belakang kira... mcm lah I nak mengadap rumah dia tiap tiap hari.Cehh....

The tuns callled and with a very tak semangat voice said that almost all his fren applied at Punggol... mcm tak dapat jer... I went online and saw this....
Dah lah, kalau dapat memang lah, tak tau nak cakap apa, but I just hope the tuns dun have high expectation, with the application increasing every day... nampak sangat slim the chance. 

Kita tinggal hougang pun cantik but if its too far from the airport, nanti I carik brick layer suruh buat rumah sebelah airport jadi semua org happy. 

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