Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sunday my day

Its Sunday. I have tons of reports to update, 260 units to go thru but here I am surfing around on wedding stuffs, saving pictures here and there for inspiration, tweking on the html code for the blog, alignment need to be adjusted tsk.. tsk.. bagun pagi pagi ingat nak habiskan kerja...menambahkan kerja lagi ader.

The tuns was off to Jakarta early this morning, gave him a big hug with a 'u better be good there ah' look. Josh was laughing away.

Its gonna be a hectec year this year, and I pray all will goes smoothly. My best fren is getting married, 2 of my good kakis are getting married, my favourite cousin is getting engaged, a few hen parties to plan, mar's prewedding party need to be host. Lots of molahs need to be saved. Nevertheless, life is short, so enjoy to the fullest, duit anytime bleh carik, root word, BE RAJIN.

M, are u sticking to pink and white for your wedding? I'm really loving this

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