Sunday, March 28, 2010

Nak pakai Cutex boleh

I've known this kakak inai whose work I had no complaint about. She did for my cousins and bella's wedding and her works was quite good. The design was very detail and intricate. And the colour was really dark.

I'm not a henna kind of person. The last time I did, and that was long long time ago, someone actually thought that I got my hand burnt. I'm quite dark, so it really looks ugly, mcm berlapok. So when I said I tak nak pakai inai, nak pakai cutex ajer, my favourite cousin terus nyampok, 'Kau jangan macam macam' sambil menjeling dengan begitu tajam skali. Sungguh seram.

Dinah, my nak naik pelamin kakis, asked on any recomendation of henna. So I recommended this kakak. Her name is Norin, email me if you wants her contact.

Alang alang dah bookkan for Dinah, kerana HORMAT dgn favourite cousin, I asked if Jan 2010 is still avaiable. Sekali ader. So now another item can be strike off from the list. Tapi siang siang I dah cakap, I tak nak design yg meleret leret. Kaki ok, but tangan I nak as simple as possible.

Others hennna specialist.

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