Sunday, February 14, 2010

Top it with love

I was online the whole day searching for weddings stuffs. I stumble upon this. They are so cute. I was thinking of baking cakes for my weddings to add on to the desserts counter, but mum insist I will have no time for all these messy stuffs adding on the dapur will be mcm nak terbalik, not only the dapur lah, i think the whole house will be mcm nak terbalik nearing my big day. Kalau tak sempat buat, kita order jer lah eh cake, but I still one these.

I love this, at some point I just wish there no band or HC in his life.

and this, its so mentel!!!

I show him all my cake toppers but he said, this win hands down.

Sorry babe, I dah make my order for the bontot cake toppers, cute and cheeky biar mata makcik potpet terbeliak bila tgk cake toppers tu. hehe......

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