Monday, February 15, 2010

Joget malam berinai

Ariffin from Sri Mahligai called while I was driving a while ago and the tuns answered.

I saw his face changed, while answering and then a smirk on his face. Damn.

I did not share or told him on any updates on the wedding. I tried not to, entah eh, yg major major I tak share yg little things like cake toppers, mcm mana nak pose time photo shoot yg aku excited.... wat a ding dong.

Then he said, 'You booked sri mahligai? tak bilang pun, he called to confirm on the booking'

Kena bilang ker? Mesti lah kena kan, si biol ni jer akan cakap tak payah. This will be on my side mah. He got excited, 'Can the guys jam for 1 or 2 songs?' Wei, these are not bands with electric guitar, base guitar and drums, these are pple with gambus, seruling, violin and other old skol equiptments, Jgn nak berangan nak jam lagu rock eh, jgn buat malu pengantin. But seeing how 'on' he look and sound, I might have to ask Ariffin if the groom can jam one song during the event. I'll have to definately bring down the dad's base and electric guitar, oh yesh my dad was indeed in the same line as tuns during his younger days, unless his mates can angkut a few equiptments from his side.

I tried to book Sri Mahligai but unfortunately they were fully booked for the hot date, Ariffin from sri mahligai recommend Sri gemilang instead ensuring that they are equally as good as them and under the same company. After depositing 100 bucks, I received their contract, list of songs and others useful information.

List of songs to be played will be left to the dad to choose. Mati mati dia nak lagu ikan kaloi, tak pernah aku dengar lagu tu, maybe lagu bawang putih bawang merah tak, time si bawang merah nganyi suruh mak dia yg dah kena sumpah jadi ikan timbul. Ya allah ayah, lagu sedih mendayu dayu gitu yang dia nak??!!!!?!?!!  Dah mcm kenduri arwah pulak.

Ceh, I think baik I take charge of choosing the songs, jgn nanti dia choose lagu entah apa, tak boleh duduk diam nanti si pengantin pompuan kat tas pelamin.

I hope sri gemilang will be just as good as sri mahligai. Tapi sri mahligai mcm lagi byk cute guys, dah dah dah jgn nak melebih....

Other tradisional group to consider:-
  1. Sri Mahligai
  2. Sri Gemilang
  3. Sinar fusaka
  4. Malay orkerstra
  5. Sri warna

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