Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sudin dan Zaiton pergi lah bermain di luar......

The tun's mummy, aunt and uncle came over last Tuesday to finalise on the big day.

I was forced again by daddy dearest to wear baju kurung, dah masok meminang per takkan nak kena pakai baju kurung lagi, baru that day I met the tun's mummy with my denim short skirt, org dah cakap dgn si tuns tak nak naik rumah, mati mati dia suruh naik... tsk, bakal menantu hantu betol... i'm working on that.

I did pat myself on the back, and whip up damn thick and frosty coffee, when i brought the teapot and the cups to the living room, tak mengeletar ok, cool jer.... serious, cuma berpeluh jer, panas, sebab pakai baju kurung per.....

There were a few confusion, ader suggest to nikah on friday den sanding on sunday, den another suggest to nikah and sanding on the same day, but the mum insist to sanding on Sunday. So everything is fixed now.

So darlings, the nikah will be on Saturday, 1 January 2011 after Zuhur and sanding will be on Sunday, 2 January 2011.

Honeymoon on 5 January 2011, banyak aku punya berangan, but I'm having the momentum now.

FYI, Natas fair around the corner.

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