Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thank you... with love

These tags have been in my folders for ages.

We've created a few thank you tag to be placed as a tag or sticker, masih belum decide, to ikat or tampal to the berkat.

Designs are still raw, will develop and adjust mana yg patut in time to come.

I've created 2 designs for the tag, one for the berinai presents for the makciks and pakciks and the other for the berkat. Colour of the tag ikut theme for the day.

Since there will be lots of red for nikah and the ribbons to tie the boxes will be in dark maroon, the red and black palete were choosen. And for sanding since cousins will be asked to wear pink (tukar colour theme lagi) the obvious color was choosen.

Just wait and see lah kalau i choose another colour lagi, I think i might... lama lagi, so still can play around.

Berinai tag

Tag 1

Tag 2

Tag 3

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