Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sweet like sugar

Its been quite some time since I surf around on wedding related stuffs, with the work transition, with gf meet ups, with coffee and cheesecakes session with hospital visiting, my mind was a little at ease. Till the sis mentioned abt the wedding cakes, She had made a booking for our VIP cousin's engagement cupcakes and she insist that I book my wedding cake skali, jadi senang, for her, since she'll be paying for it.

But my goodness, wedding cakes sampai $500 bucks and above is wayyyyyy to much. very the melams, and come on its not that u can eat the whole 3 or 4 tiers, maybe only 1 tier yg betol lain semua dummy. Dah lah 2 tingkat pun bleh, tak yah bertinggkat tingkat. The money can be allocated to other stuffs.

So, I've made my decision, the booking will be done soon.

Wedding cake checked.

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Anonymous said...

gorgeous babe.GORGEOUS.


F.ism said...

cantik tu memang cantik.... tapi price dia over sangat!!!!

Anonymous said...

hmmm... d cakes look pretty simple.. i wanna show yat's cakes but he doesn't have d pics. only these few!/album.php?aid=109546&id=680242123

nurra ;)

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