Saturday, January 09, 2010

Colours for sanding

The girls are really excited abt the colours for my sanding, seriously I really have no clues. Due to lack of planning and communications all the colours are very rojak now.

I'm not talking abt decor colours, I'm talking abt makciks makciks, cousin cousins, member members colour theme for the kain.

The feelings of kain and colour sedondons are really pretty but cost incurred will be pretty high. Mind u I have a total of 10 makciks, both father and mother side, this exclude aunties that I am not really dat close with. So this 10 makcik yg kainnya disponsor are all really the strong bond kind.

Cousin wise, long, my eldest cosins on my mum side is really keen to have a sedondon colour, but cousins on my dad side semua dah beli kain. And all difft colours, den how to plan like dat? She was like... Cepat nya dah beli kain.... oh yes all hantu kain...

Cousins on my dad side is very managable. There is only 4 of them, inclusive my fav mak jan. Shes gonna be hot in fushia pink lace with black satin lining. so MELETOP.

Cousins on my mum side... sigh... too many, kak long, busu, thasha, farah, nabilah, nurul, kak lin, kak ija, kak sabrina, kak juli, lela, humai, syira, kak nor......

Sooooo to sum it up, I'm just gonna said 'NO COLOUR THEME, BUT I WANT IT LACE' possibly as vogue as possible. Thank you.

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