Saturday, January 09, 2010

My Bride Maids

I dun really see the need for brides maids actually. In our tradition especially. Nak suruh jorang buat apa? bukannya I pakai gown panjang yg mengurai yg jorang nak tolong angkatkan.

The only thing I want is all my guest to just enjoy themselves and biasalah tangkap jambu intead of 'babysitting me'.

But since I need my frens to be ard me during my time of needs, to remind me over and over dat everything is ok, to think positive and of course to crack me up when i feel like crying, I think I do need them. I want them to be around when I'm doing my make up, when I'm changing my baju, to hold my hp, to hand me tissue when i nak blow my nose, to wipe the smudge mascara....etc, to remind me not to over senyum on the pelamin, to remind me to take care of my kain sleeves when I'm eating, to remind me not to wipe my sweaty nose on adis shoulder. Yes I do need them.

But since my last post dah cakap colour theme rojak, i think it should be ok for the brides maid to be sedondon.

but the ROJAK THEME still rocks my sock lah!!!!!!!

p/s: Fai, I know ur loving the above pic. very very u!!!! haha

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Anonymous said...

fei!!!u know me damn well..I so loving the pic!! wonder we are good friends;p


F.ism said...

Fai, i know!!!!!!! the picture have your name scribble all over.
kau punya kita buat gitu nak, photoshoot ker. will be very interesting and a very kecoh one.
Gi carik bf now!!!!

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