Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Nikah Dais

I panicked wen mar msn dat she had confirm her theme from Jentayu... okkkk... I was actually attracted to whimsical, a palatte of purple, black and beige, but since mummy say no black. I need to ditch the idea.

I am more or less confim on the nikah theme though.
Red and white... very patriotic...

I have took the package which include the nikah dais, so below are a few ideas.

The sis is not really keen of the songekt as the centre piece, but I mcm suka sebab simple tak berbunga sangat

Most of the nikah dais are designed for the bride and groom to sit berselimpuh like the picture above. Tapi I tak nak, nanti obvious sangat perut, comfirm tak boleh pakai baju ketat ketat. I'll try to ask Jentayu if they can make it something like this instead. Perfect.

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