Wednesday, December 02, 2009


I was browsing the youtube when i saw dis.

This was a last minute project, she declined our offer to do her wedding montage. Then bila the groom side ader buat montage baru lah kalang kabut member nak. By then we were only left with 5 days to scan all the pictures, create templates and photoshop all the wordings. This was done using window movie maker. Thank god for technology, everything was a breeze.

The video and camera girl tried her best to stop her hand from shaking, jadilah. On Saturday, straight after her nikah and dinner we upload all the pictures and video to create the montage that was only shown to the bride on Sunday. Never sleep sei, cousin punya pasal kan, anyway, our montage was better than the groom's. I am that competitive, excuse me. And the song, member mati mati nak lagu si saper nyanyi tu 'I do I do' 98degrees agaknya. Sappy habis tak lei angssssss!!!! Tapi lagu lain urs truly yg choose, time tu lagu dari ungu tu tgh hot. Touching sangat.

So after tgk the video, I was inspired to do mine. Biar cepat asal selamat. I pun bongkar my laptop to carik all the perfect pictures to put on MY wedding montage, but all the pictures cannot make it, either I was too round, I was not ready or I was making funny faces or he was too cengkung, he was not ready or he was making funny faces. Our courtship lasted 12 years tapi gambar kita dua yg 'acceptable' tak sampai 12. Gambar raya yg senonoh pun takder.

Sigh, time to take nice looking pictures babe. Pls smile when I click the camera. Muka action macho tak der tempat for wedding montage.

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