Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Lets talk abt wedding cakes. I sukerr cakes. Cakap jer apa cake. Mesti I sapu, mcm mana lah tak berkilo kilo.

Nowadays mcm mcm wedding cakes yg diimprovised kan to suit the majlis. Ader cupcakes lah, ader pakai pulut kuning, ader use the tiramisu yg dalam gelas tu lah, ader macaroons lah, even ader pengantin yg use fondue, u noe the flowing chocolate fondue as their wedding cakes.

Call me old skool but I still prefer the tier cakes, tak kesah cake betul ker dummy cake ker, I still prefer the ordinary cake rather than the cup cake. But ma sis send me via email this link and automatically i fell in love with it. I suker nah sangat. Click here for the website.

Cantik kan!!!! sighhh... tapi perfect frosting win hands down.

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