Thursday, November 01, 2012

A day at the zoo

On her birthday we went to the ZOO. Yeay!!! It’s been ages since mummy step in there.

It was a perfect day, sunny, a little hot but perfect.

 Many renovation and upgrading works were going on. We showed the ticket officer Ny’s passport and we got a ‘I’m Having a wild Birthday Badge’. We pined it at her pram. We were surprised when a group of mats (workers of the zoo) came and start singing happy birthday. Eh happy semacam sei. Mummy dia yang excited. Terlonjat lonjat nyanyi Happy birthdays just like the monkeys there. Ternganga nganga anak aku.

Whenever we pass by zoo attendant, zoo keeper, workers of the zoo, they will stop and sing a birthday song, sampai last last kita cakap, ‘tak payah lah cik, dah banyak sangat orang nyanyi’

That’s the bliss of going on a weekday, no rush, no crowd. Agaknya jorang ni boring so ‘Meh kita nyayikan baby ni birthday song’ hahahaha….

The daddy monkey and birthday girl had a blast at the water theme place, bukan main lagi. We love the giraffe but not the smell. I still prefer orange tiger than the white tiger. Nyla was fascinated with the sun bear and the lion, the daddy as the name given, the monkeys. There was no elephant show cause the place was under renovation, no fun. We manage to watch the splash show. That was fun.

We end the trip by having a meal at the KFC. Then the daddy brought us to the Stomping ground show gallery at the substation. Ny was fascinated by the punks and the rambut tercacak cacak kind of kids. Member tengokkan ajer, and its tickles me when these kids with tercacak cacak hair with chains, with heavy doc marts, and skinny jeans and dark kohl eyes and chokers trying to make funny faces to Nyla. I wish I capture a pic of their antic but battery low batt, Ceh!!!

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