Tuesday, October 30, 2012

My Rock star turns 1

My Baby turn12 months on the 23 October 2012!
How time flies...
My water broke on 22 October 2012. Surprisingly I was really cool about it. Daddy monkey and my mum were kanchiong spider! I bath, wash my hair, shave shave some more. Hospital bag was not even ready, it was only 35 weeks, i thought it was still too early to pack.
I was given 2 jab on the thigh to open up baby's lung. To prepare the baby when shes out in the world. To make her stronger. Like lily say, premature baby have stronger lungs. Hopefully its true.
U cant imagine what went on in my head. I kept asking myself what went wrong, what I did wrong, kenapa nak keluar siang? Is it because of stress at work, I had 3 nights meeting that week, might be because of that or maybe the frequency of climbing to the roof top to check on the water tank (at 7 months I still climb up to the roof), is it because of the second hand cigarette smoke, is it because.....
I was asked to deliver within the next 48 hours. I teared, my baby is only 35 weeks, too soon. There was no dilation or contraction and so I was on oxytocin. The next day on 23 October 2012, I was on triple dose of oxytocin. I was blessed because my mum is with me on my left while daddy monkey was on my right. Mum is a midwife in the labour ward. I had moral support and cheerleaders (my mum colleague, midwife midwife tua ni) coming in to cheer me on while I push with my legs open. You can imagine that.

I even heard whispering from outside 'Saniah daughter giving birth lei, come come give support. Biar betol siol.
It was a short labour, no epidural needed, tapi sakitnya subhanallah. It was too late for epidural, I was already 7cm when I shout for it.
After a few more pushes, and shes out. Alhamdullilah

I remember the excruciating pain i felt after the delivery when the doctor refuse to let me hold you only for a second. You are a tiny baby, You are placed in the incubator immediately after being azan by ayah. I remember when relatives came to visit mummy at the hospital, they are unable to see you. They have to sneak to the prenatal ward just to take a peep at you and lied that they are they are the mother/father/grandpa/grandma to the nurses on duty. I ignored the pain from the stitches and visited you daily at the pre natal care, remembering the sheer pleasure of holding u in my arm only for that mere 15 minutes.

Looking at you now, mummy deserve to have a pat on the back, oh ayah too, even though he still feel squeamish about changing ur diaper. We did it baby. You are still in one piece. We did it. Alhamdullilah. Happy 1 yr ol my child.

Mummy and ayah

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Anonymous said...

Huggs!! HAppy Birthday lil Nyla..you have a wonderful mummy :)

F.ism said...

Thank you!!!!

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