Saturday, September 22, 2012

My loves

At times I found myself rushing for time, seeking for additional time, begging for time.
I am so exhausted. And I always wonder how can a family of 3 (with a little girl) have so much laundry. Tak habis habis cuci baju. Oh dun tell me about ironing, satu hari ironing board tu boleh fly from the balcony.
Nyla is super active. Crawl sana, crawl sini. Panjat sana panjat sini. She love kisses, she kisses everything, the paul frank, her reflection in the mirror, her walker, her bumbo, the tv console, almost everything and anything!!!
And her daddy... sigh...  he has been the sweetest, what would I do without you babe.... I'm currently at work. 1pm come quick, cant wait to hug these two!!!

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