Saturday, September 29, 2012

Its Over

One day... one fine day... I'm gonna change the blog layout... Wedding days are so far far far behind...
Sigh... but to change the layout just means that all the little poloroids at the side will be gone, all the wedding links will be gone. Its no longer a wedding prep blog. To get a new blog website is a no no... I'm comfortable here. Still receiving mails from bride to be. And i'm so glad to answer any enquiries be it decor review, caterer review, tents provider.
Now is baby diaper, minyak telon, similac milk, tommie tippie bottles, fisher price, bouncy castle, dinesy princess, Aladdin, power puffs girl (the daddy can sing the power puffs girls jingle dari start sampai habis. Mummy really impress.) little dresses, baby strollers, baby bag, baby expo, baby walkers, meleket floorings, baby baths, morning kisses, night hugs, bedtime stories, baby smell...
Now this mummy is busy planning baby N first birthday party... tak buat besar, buat kecik kecik ajer at home with the family. The nenek say, 'Budak satu tahun bukannya tau birthday' Iyelah nek.
Tapi 2 years old kita buat eh?

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