Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Long Long Long Weekend

I love long weekend and long weekend also means lots of agenda. Since last Thursday I have been like a siow char bo running around here and there to run errands.

My Cousin's jennis bo chap, (bo chap tapi mengeletis nak kawin) akad nikah and majlis kenduri was schdule on Thursday, I was supposed to blow their picture, the frame yg I buat time my wedding, the $10 poster tu, but since she was slow in transfering the pictures and since the shop closes at 7 on weekdays, I have to rush like mad tapi sayangnya sampai jer sana, they have locked the glass door. Basket ball.

The event was held at Kintamani, Furama River Front for close relatives, the deco was done by us the cousins and the aunty, mcm F1 driver kita drive from one point to another. Kalang kabut as it was done on a weekday lah, tu sebab mcm kecoh sikit.

The couple left for Bali the next day for Mael side of the family's event and ceremony. Bridal house is from Anggun Andaman, Mak andam by Kak Mas, ohhhh I love her baju.

Weekend was another cousin's wedding at Tampines. Bridal house from Fatimah Mohsin.

After the wedding I rush to far east flora to do dulang for a fren's engagement dulang. I managed to finish all 10 dulangs sampai pagi. Penat giler sangat sampai lupa nak amik gambar!!! Tsk, hate that.

The next day I was asked to go back to work sebab MP nak datang thouse to house visit to the estate, so I wasted 3 hours of membodek MP. After membodek-ing I rush home and standby for Payung and Dinah's Bridal shower. Both are expecting boys. Habis lah Aunty Mai dia kena kerja keras utk mententeramkan budak budak tu. Lunch was at Swensens followed by coffee session at Dempsey. Bliss.

Sunday was the bridal shower for my favourite cousin, all the cousins were clad in pink, including Mr S yang anti Pink habis, tempuh the crowd at the Universal studio. With this group of cousin there were always shouting and joking and laughing sampai sakit perut. After all the belengas day we end it with a superb dinner at the newly halal-ed Fish and Co. And as per routine the guys were expected to drink from the willy straws. Perfect!!!!

Amidst the entire busy schedule, I found out this!!!

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