Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yey, they're getting married

2 of my favourite cousins will be walking down the isle just around the corner.
One on my maternal side and the other on my paternal side.
Both had came along to give me moral support during my convocation down under many many years back.
And we had created many many sweet memories together especially during the impromptu Melbourne trip!

One of them will be given away on the 28 April 2011 while the other will be 05 June 2011.

This Sunday will be a bridal shower khas for my favourite Ding Dong, Kak ani.
Her story have touched many, this is her second marriage.
Her first was with an awesome man who loves her truly and deeply but Allah loves him more.
And I was so glad that she managed to bounce back to life and pick up her pieces, oh I'm tearing up while typing this. She managed to put the pieces together with all the courage and moral supports she gets from all her love ones. All was so happy when she decided to open up her heart again to a marvellous man.
I'm so gonna hug her tight this Sunday. She totally deserve it

We're gonna have a blast this Sunday. Thursday please end early, I cant wait for my holiday to start.

xoxo, Fei Ism

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