Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Boy or Girl?

My nesting instict is growing thickly in me.

Without even knowing weather its a girl or boy, I have been scouting around spotlight looking for stuffs to make baby headbands. I hate headband with those big flowers, so I was thinking of making my own new born baby girl headband with tiny flowers made of ribbons. I have also scout around for cool cloths, I intended to sew my own pillow covers and quilt cover. Niat ajer. Laki punya overall sampai skarang belum jahit butang yang terlepas tu ader niat pulak nak jahit bantal baby.
Tapi kalau Boy macam mana? I dun mind if its a boy or a girl, asalkan healthy.

Daddy wants a boy so that he can play dress up. Mummy wants a boy because there are many girls on mummy's side of the family. The atok wants a boy so that he can play wrestling with the cucu, kalau dapat cucu montel satu kali hentak ajer kat atok, terus tak main wrestling lagi agaknya.

Mummy dun mind a girl because girls as Kakak will be responsible and hopefully one day will take care of mummy and daddy when we grow ol. And mummy can play dress up with baby girl too. Daddy wouldnt mind a baby girl, She will definately be daddy's girl. Atok say, kalau girl pun girl lah.

Oh and we received good news over the weekend. Baby Luth was born and my tummy getting bigger!!!

Mummy payung have got another chubby baby that looks so korean. Terkenan saper lah agaknya ni. The Mummy say 'Ni kalau aku bawak anak aku keluar, mesti orang ingat aku ni maid' Tu sebab dia slalu vogue bila keluar.
Another wedding this weekend, kita busy this week kena rewang.

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