Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Shoutbox and comments 2

guest: hi darling. how many cards did you give out? im really scared that my majlis tak cukop makanan. lol.

I ordered 550 cards. The Cards were purchased at Angsana at RM $1.20 as mentioned in this post. The DIY cards was a cheap alternatives to the original ones. I called Angsana and asked if I can print another extra 200 pieces but they mentioned minimum card to print is 500 pieces. Buat apa nak banyak banyak, so I end up DIYing the cards.

I dig out my cupboards for colour papers, print 250 pieces at work, cut the paper into half, and wrap the paper with tracing paper which I purchase from Popular ($3.40 for 50 pieces). Wrap the whole thingy with ribbons and pasted the left over stickers from the berkat. So total I keluarkan 800 cards and inform the caterer on the increase on the pax.

Lydia: Hello Fei,another passer by here. Congrats on ur marriage! Btw,could you share..where and how much u bought corset. So stress as there are so many kinds of it. Thank you!

Lydia, I tak beli corset, I bought a girdle cum corset, called spanx. I got mine online. Its a breeze wearing this, its tight but I can still breathe. Its like girdle but I manage to pull it all the way to cover my boobs. It totally flatten the tummy. There is something with the material, its quite thin but It works for me. Oprah, Jessica Alba, Kim Kardashian and many other celeb swear by spanx.
If ur not a fan of online shopping you can grab something similar to this from Marks and Spencer. Ketok duit sikit ah, but we girls do need some sort of supports. So long run its better we invest on a good quality girdle.
Dun buy the chepo chepo girdle kat kedai bawah block or pasar, they do work but when your wearing it for more than 6 hours with songket berat nak mams, confirm you will berpeluh pelih. The thick girdle material will not let ur skin breathe and end up you will have rashes all over ur tummy.

guest: hey fei. i love your blog. i need help, how to lose weight for my big day? im slightly gempal & im wondering if you have any tips. ive tried exercising & jaga makan but tak work. my fam badan besar2.

Guest, I so feel you. I am a very big bone girl myself. I have never been thin, I have always been big. To make thing worst, I do have  frens who gave ugly remarks for every inch or kilos that I put on. Giving unneccessary stress. So if you do have frens like that, ignore their remark and just focus on losing weight.

3 months prior to my wedding, I took up classes at the sengkang sport centre. I took the abs, bun and thigh and body sculp classes. Once a week for 3 months for $65 (12 lessons). Click the link below for sport centre near your home. SSC Sport Centre. Feeling di hati nak enrol kat amore tapi pikir kan registration fee that I need to pay monthly sungguh menyedihkan. So I sign up the cheaper way. And my instructor, Raiqal, this very mat melayu that have a body like Johnny Bravo, was so fun, mula mula malu nak mampos girl, bila dia suruh buat sit up, tapi lama lama, jadi members.

I felt working out as a group is so much better and more progressive than running or jogging alone. You have more disipline. Kalau lari sorang kan, larinya 10 mins, jalan 50mins. I always feel motivated in class, kalau nyonya kat sebelah tu boleh buat so can I, kalau makcik melayu yg slalu kat belakang class tu boleh buat, so can I. You really feel motivated and its  much more fun.
Another tips is not to supper or makan malam. Datin close the kitchen at 8pm daily when the date got nearer

Skarang after more than 3 months of marriage, I have piled up all the kilos back. And yes they have made their remarks, 'Mcm dah gems jer?' 'Kau pulak dah lebar'. Throw all the negativity aside. I have sweat my ass off before, now let me have my sugar back. Bulan 4 kita start abs, bun and thigh class balik eh.

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