Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Honey across the moon Part 2 - Eiffel I'm in Love

Nest Stop was PARIS. 4 Days 3 Night.

We have prebook our euro rail tickets from Amsterdam to Paris via Thalys. Comfortable 3hours train ride, which we spent most of the time sleeping. Its the weather lah. Mengantok kan.

IYes agreed, Paris is the city of love, but its damn filthy can. Its littered with dog shit. Geli I, but the man, sigh... tak rugi lah cuci mata kat sana and shopping, double sigh.... tak rugi lah jalan berkilo kilo meter nak go to the kedai.

We stayed at this gorgeous hotel, 10 minutes walk from the Gare du nord train station. But with the language breakdown and the penat and the very very berat bag pack and the uneven road that make it difficult to pull black spidey and the frequent 'Jalan sana' 'Tak sana' 'You tengok lah map betol betol' 'I dah cakap jalan sana' we took almost close to an hour. Luckily, we were directed by a Will Smith look a like who is fluent in English. Nice nice guy, sampai kat depan hotel lah member bawak. Dapat pahala budak ni. Mar had warned that Paris hotel room are all so tiny. I have to agreed with her on that.

We were totally flat once we hit the bed. We woke up to grab a bite, do you know that most shopping centre in Paris closed on Sunday. Ye betol. Sunday tutup kedai. So kita jalan jalan amik gambar.

We went to many many flea markets. My heaven. Paris is a fan of fleas. Alot of flea market I tell you. And we grab the best kebab in the entire trip from the fleas.

Eiffel tower was gorgeous. To save money, and to escape the long q, we climb the stairs to go to the 1st floor. Tercungap cungap I babe, dah lah sejuk, mcm nak tercabut nyawa naik, I was nagging at the man 'For additional 4 euros kita dah sampai dah agaknya, dah beratus gambar kita amik' Once we reached the 1st floor we spent the next 20 mins seating in silence, no talking, no whispering, total peace. Tangkap nafas.
To those intendeed to visit Eiffel, I advice you prebooked your ticket. Book your ticket here.

We also visited the Moulin Rouge. I always thought that it was much bigger. We got a sneak peak of all the girls. Betol betol mcm citer moulin rouge with their make ups and can can.

The next day, we went to Nortre Damn, you know the hunchback of Notre Damn. I called out for him but on the day we visited him, he was off.

Next was the lourve. Where Tom hanks and Audrey Tou Tou acted in The Davinci's code.

We proceed to walk down the gorgeous gourgeous plain around the area.

Monday was Shopping Day, LV and long champ cost so much less there. FYI, one person was only allowed to buy 1 LV bag and a wallet. The man's fren kirim a LV speedy for his tunang's dulang. I intended to buy one for datin, but since the model was not available at Champ Elysee, we were asked to go down to Gallery Lafayette. I fell in love with delightful. Baru lah nak lonjat kegembiraan when the sales person mentioned with a very strong accent, 'Sorry mademoiselle, 1 passport, 1 bag' Huh?  That bad ah they control their bags. These french people are weird. So girls if you plan to go Paris and intend to buy LV, kalau ader orang nak kirim bag, tell them 'Kirim Salam'

and u'll lose it big time if  failed to try to extremely delicious Laduree Macaroon while in Paris.

Next.... London!!!!

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Hi babe.. Let me introduce myself first. I'm one of ur readers. Simply love reading ur blog. I would like to ask if u don't mind, how much u spend(exclude the shopping!) for ur honeymoon trip? can i know how and all u plan the trip from flight, hotel and such. U can email me at :)

Once again thank-you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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