Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review - Tentage

I had lots of queries with regards to the tentage.

I have to admit this contractor is the only contractor that I have no issue with. Cakap datang Thurday, Thursday jugak dia datang. Cakap datang kul 6.30, pukul 6 dah call I, 'Ah fei ah, we downstairs, come down ah, dun forget bring down kopi'

Tapi bila mula mula nak ask them to come down and quote punya lah susah. I liaise with this guy name Melvin, memang a pain in the ass, but the outcome and overall I am satisfied. Si Melvin ni jenis nak kena tekan, nak kena push, when he said he will call, he will never call, so since they quoted the lowest, bo pian lor, I have to call and remind him again.

He even tapped, hush hush, from neighbouring block for my electric supply.Ni part jgn kecoh kecoh ah. Some contractor requested I rent a generator, $450/day. JANGAN BUANG DUIT. Just talk nicely to Melvin and his workers, and all will be settle, generator boleh relek one corner. And remind him you want WHITE lining, make sure White not off white. If they use off white the whole set up will look berlapok. Remember ah.

So just for you guys, my avid readers, these are my actual measurement for my tentage:
1.     ‘A’ shape white tent c/w ceiling fan (14 nos) & white inner lining deco, 
        a. size : 23m(l) x 10m(w) – 1 unit  (size dari hujung basket ball hoop to basketball hoop)                  
        b. size : extension tent 6m x 5m – 1 unit  (for sri gemilang)                      
2.     Fluorescent light or warm light – 1 Lot                               
3.     Transparent side cover – 2 sided (include band tent)                                           
4.     Power point – 1 no (for band) (draw from blk 959)  F.O.C
Nam Hup Tentage Pte Ltd
Address: 9, Link Road. Singapore 619031
Telephone:  (65) 6266 7887 (65) 6773 2552
Fax: (65) 6266 7997
Melvin: 9661 1972
Email Address:

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