Tuesday, March 29, 2011

London bridge is falling down

Ok, last stop.

Datin ask buat apa pergi banyak banyak tempat, dah lah pergi jer lah satu tempat then balik. But its so rugi if you go Paris then you tak go London, and if you go Amsterdam then tak pergi Paris.

For SGD120 you can travel from Paris to London for 2.5 hours. Kan rugi kalau tak pergi. And bila lagi nak pergi kalau tak masih sihat and time kocek penuh. So we just go.

I declare London my favourite so far. English is their first language. Tired of playing charade in Paris, I act ngan muka muka pun si mat french tu tak paham. Ketawakan orang lagi, si laki pun satu, suka tengok kebodohan bini dia terserlah. My advice pls learn a little french kalau nak gi Paris. Very useful.

Ok back to London,  we stayed at King Cross area, the most haprak suburbs but only 5 mins walk from the station. We likey coz after 2 countries, I was unable to pull spidey and my aching shoulder could gave way anytime. We prebook the hotel earlier in Paris.

We slack jack on our first day. Then at night time we go jalan jalan take the red bus go rounding rounding. 2nd day niat di hati nak go Stonehenge and see the the change of guards but due to ding dong bell, the agent screw up our booking. We got our refund back in FULL.

So since dah tak boleh tengok the batu bata we decide to check out Bicester Village and spent the entire afternoon day there. Bicester village is tempat shopaholic go gila, outlet shopping. Much much cheaper that what you can find in Singapore. For full listing click here. You need to take a train from central London, which takes ard 1.5 hour. I suggest you bring a big bag so dat you can humban all the things inside ur bag, jadi balik naik train tak ader yg tercicir. Semua benda the husband suruh dump inside the bag, kalau paper bag besar boleh humban dalam bag, dia pun dia suruh humban.

We watch the change of guards the next day, check the schedule first before you drop by Buckingham palace. The changing of the guard happens at 11:30am, May through August. The frequency is reduced to alternate days from September to April. Naik tube and alight at Green Park.

We walked around Buckingham palace and went to the Hyde park, where we took lots of pictures.

We then proceed to Westminster, to see the famous Big Ben and London eye. But the strike grab out attention.

Next we crawl to trafalgar square sebijik mcm kat universal studio Singapore siap ngan patong Singa dia lagi

Madam Tussaud

Next we drop by Riply believe it or not.

Kalau kat London kena naik bus merah

Beatles song used to be my lullaby, the dad is an avid fan of beatles and Jimi Hendrix from the Woodstock eras. So London is where my dad benefits the most. We bought him vinyls and t-shirts and others souvenirs. We intended to go to the famous abbey road tapi no time, dah malam, but the man promise one day we will take an exact posed at that zebra crossing

Portebello Market and Camden Market is my favourite place, wait I think I prefer the former. Menggila habis. When I was younger, I watch this show 'Bedknobs and broom stick' and they sang about Portebello Market. Its exactly how they describe that place. Pple sing and dance together, lots of buskers and cool stuffs. Buy all your souvenior here, much much cheaper

Food wise its easy to get halal food in London, just be prepared to pay for SGD30 for a plate of fried rice.

At HMV, we the man bought all his CDs and DVDs. Their box DVD was so much cheaper than in Singapore. Apa lagi grab ah.

Kalau go London tak gi Harrold mana sah. Tapi kita sampai ajer dia dah tutup. Tu lah lembab sangat jalan.

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